The Five Awesome Gay Bloggers

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The Five Blogging Gays
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We are amazing
We are inspiring
We are creative
We are sort-of-jumping-on-a-bandwagon-but-not-really because this isn't youtube
We will blow you away
We are gay
And so much more...

How this works is that there are five us of, and each of us is assigned a different day of the workweek (monday through friday) to blog an entry in this community.


All replies to questions, challenges or other blogger's information must be addressed on your given day.
You MUST ask a question or set a challenge on your day.
You MUST answer all questions and do all challenges as assigned by the 5blogginggays before you. Challenges can be saved for later weeks if they are ridiculously difficult, but must be completed eventually.
If you have to miss a day ask one of your co-bloggers to fill in for you OR make a entry in advance.
If you get confused watch: www.youtube.com/5awesomegays
Take some notes and don't repeat questions.